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This page includes FUJIFILM product(s), licensed from Xerox Corporation.
The distributor of the product(s) is FUJIFILM Business Innovation Corp.


Equitrac for APEOS is a Software-based providing secure access control devices by IC Card for FUJIFILM Business Innovation MFD & Print Server and Cost Management tools base on database system (SQL) which is built specifically for the commercial and office markets, providing intelligent print / copy / fax and scan management tools to reduce document output costs, enhance security, and increase the efficiency of FUJIFILM Business Innovation MFD’s.


Enterprise-wide output tracking and expense management

  • Software-based capture, costing and reporting of all printing and copying expenses
  • Scalable architecture accommodates future technology and workflow changes
  • Centralized management tools
  • Device status management and fault tracking
  • Global support for multi-national deployments

New generation of embedded solutions

  • Embedded solutions with many equipment manufacturers
  • PageCounter terminal option for copy control and secure printing

Integrated document output tracking

  • Rules-based local and network printing and routing
  • Color output quota enforcement
  • Follow-YouTM secure printing technology
  • Copy and scan control and tracking with embedded and PageCounter terminals

Adaptable pricing management

  • Easily managed, comprehensive central price lists
  • User, department and account-based charging
  • Pricing by page and print attribute
  • Timeand day-of-week-based discounts/surcharges

Extensive reporting

  • Summary, detailed and total activity reports
  • Secure Document Release reports on documents queued but not printed
  • Automatic scheduling of report distribution
  • Report customization at site and personal levels
  • Report export for offline analysis

Strong technology integration

  • Windows Server™ 2003 certified
  • Citrix® and Windows® Terminal Services compatible
  • Support for Windows®, NetWare™, UNIX® and Linux® print servers
  • Support for Macintosh® workstations
  • Microsoft® SQL Server and Oracle® database support
  • Windows Server™ 2003 and 2000 cluster support

Simplified Account Management

  • Remote configuration and management
  • Automatic account creation
  • Native OS and LDAP authentication
  • Account synchronization with external directories


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