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The key to success in any marketing campaign is the ability to capture the attention of your potential customers. What better way to do that than personalization? The Xerox FreeFlow Variable Information Suite of variable data tools will allow you to personalize your communications quickly, cost-effectively, and automatically.


  • Create dynamic, personalized documents that grab more attention and generate better results
  • Add personalization to your jobs without compromising productivity
  • Produce variable data pieces at the fastest possible speed while increasing response rates dramatically
  • Choose from the comprehensive suite of VI tools to build the ideal solution for you and your clients


Key Features

  • VI Design Express, an Adobe® InDesign® plug-in, is used to generate variable data applications driven by delimited or XML promotional data. Applications can include variable text, images and layers, barcodes and powerful conditional logic. Output formats include PDF, VPC and VPP. 
  • VI Design Pro is an advanced tool that can unleash the productivity of your staff as they provide sophisticated and complex variable data applications such as transactional documents (bills, statements, policies). 
  • VI Compose is a robust composition tool that resides on your printer and constructs your jobs with optimum efficiency. VI Compose utilizes dynamic document construction, merging data and resources at the RIP, eliminating the need for time-consuming pre-composition. VI Compose supports Xerox PS RIPs and FreeFlow™ Print Server APPE RIP. 
  • VI eCompose is a scalable system that can seamlessly compose PDF files from the same data you send to print. VI eCompose supports PDF interactive features, web job submission for use in SaaS environments, and Adobe job security options. It creates master and optional child PDF files and provides a powerful dispatch module to move jobs to the next step in your workflow process (CRM, archiving, etc.). PDF files generated by VI eCompose can also be printed to any Xerox PS or APPE RIP. 
    The VI Suite components can enable Xerox specialty imaging text, which provides easy and affordable ways to add unique features to your documents


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