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Infiniti is a smart web form and document automation solution designed to digitalise your business through end-to-end process transformation.

This tool combines the power of intelligent document generation, smart web forms and line-of-business integration to deliver value to organisations. It creates significant business advantages by automating document-focused business processes.

What's more, unlike traditional document automation software Infiniti can seamlessly integrate with line of business systems already in use by the company, as well as other information management solutions. 
This makes it a highly-adaptable system for a range of businesses - and one that should be considered when integration with other systems is required.

Infiniti utilises Microsoft Office applications for input, but it also takes advantage of sophisticated rules engines, audit trails and reporting.

These provide timely and relevant information without the need for coding or scripting to produce data-driven organisational business compliant documents.Infiniti can be provisioned by FUJIFILM Business Innovation in either a traditional on-remise model or an off-premise Software as a Service (Cloud) model. With the latter, businesses can access the tool from any location on any device, whether it's a laptop, smartphone or tablet. 

Key Features

  • Smart Web Forms -  Infiniti smart web forms make it simple to collect and use data. Users do not need IT experience to create or complete smart web forms, eliminating the need for expensive developers
  • Wizard-driven -  Infiniti's drag-and-drop wizard means that business users with limited technical experience can create sophisticated templates. Creating and maintaining content is completely automated according to built-in business rules.
  • Centralised management -  Centralised management means that installing and upgrading Infiniti is hassle-free. It also means that internal users can collaborate on projects, while external users can access and input information.
  • Seamless Integration - Infiniti seamlessly integrates with existing CMS and line-of business systems. Integrating a business system with Infiniti increase efficiency and makes data more valuable and useful.
  • Permission-driven - Infiniti's permission-driven system of authorization ensures that content remains secure, consistent and accurate without causing unnecessary inconvenience.
  • Scalable -  Infiniti is robust, scalable and easy to configure and maintain.
  • Reporting and rules engine - Infiniti uses advanced data-mining technologies to provide insight into document generation and communication processes.
  • Multi-format output -  Infiniti can generate e-mail messages (with information such as names, carbon copy contracts, configured email body text and HTML) or create automated documents in formats such as XML, PDF, XLS, DOC, PPT, RTF and OpenDoc.
  • Multi-channel delivery - Infiniti can route documents to a print queue, email, fax, XML, email gateway for mass printing or electronic fulfilment. Documents can also be routed to repository storage such as Microsoft Share Point, Documentum, HP/TRIM, Open Text Livelink and DocuShare.
  • Built with Microsoft Technologies - Infiniti is built on world-class Microsoft technologies: .NET framework, Internet Information Server (IIS) and Microsoft SQL Server.
  • Metadata -  Metadata ensures automated content is easily archived, retrieved and preserved. Infiniti attaches metadata to documents to make it easier to categorise, index, store, search and retrieve data.
  • Multi-lingual web interface - To suite the global business environment, Infiniti support for multi-lingual. (English, Chinese (SC, TC), Thai, Korean, Dutch, French, Portuguese, Spanish)


Businesses constantly need to seek out new cost-effective ways to do business without sacrificing capability, especially organisations in customer-facing industries.

These are the organisations that require the ability to produce targeted output in the form of mass communications (often bank statements and quotations). Mobilise your sales force to improve customer engagement – winning more business and keeping your customers happy.

However, the production of these communications can be costly and time-consuming, but critical to the business.

Therefore, they need to contain consistent and relevant information but also deliver it in an accurate and timely way. If not, the business risks non-compliance, brand damage and even the possibility of customer loss. So what are the key challenges?

  • Engage with customers on their terms to improved customer satisfaction & loyalty
  • Convert paper forms and manual processes into intelligent digital forms driving automated rules-based processes
  • Get more from your data, break down data silos to interact with information anywhere to realise fast ROI and reduce IT resources
  • Mobilise your Workforce with Smart Web Forms and mobile technologies such as tablets and smartphones
  • Need to avoid non-compliance and brand damage


Minimum System Requirements for On-premise Implementations

Server Software Components

Processor 1.5Ghz multi-core CPU or better
System Memory 2Gb or Higher
Hard Drive 1Gb of Free Space


Server Software Components

Operating System Microsoft Windows Server 2008SP2/2008R2 SP1
Microsoft Windows Server 2012/2012R2
Database Server Microsoft SQL Server 2005 or higher
Infrastructure Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.1
Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) 7 or higher 


Client Components

Processor 1.Ghz CPU or better 
System Memory  512Mb or Higher
Hard Drive  20Mb of Free Space


Client Software Components

Operating System Microsoft Windows Vista SP2
Microsoft Windows 7 SP1
Microsoft Windows 8/8.1
Application Software Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 or Above
Microsoft .NET Framework 4
Microsoft Office 2003, 2007 or 2010 (Designer Only)

Mobile Client

Apple iOS  iPad 2 and beyond, running iOS7 or higher


  • The Database Server and the Web Server must be on the same network domain for communication. Database and Web Servers may be shared on a single physical machine or separated on different machines.
  • End users will need an Office document reader application installed such as Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat Reader if they wish to open documents generated.

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